12 best cafes in Mcleodganj

Whenever we talk of food at hill stations, the picture of hot Maggie served with a hot beverage comes to mind. But there is more than meets the eye and some places are worth a visit just for the different types of cuisine they serve. Here’s our list of 12 best cafes in Mcleodganj, that you should try when you visit this spiritual, surreal hill station.

With the largest population of Tibetans in India, McLeodGanj is one such place that lives up to this reputation. Mcleodganj is a foodie’s paradise with tons of eateries, bakeries, and cafes that offer a wide variety of cuisines, from Italian, Tibetan to Bhutanese and Indian.

Best Cafes in Mcleodganj

Tibet Kitchen

tibet kitchen mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

This restaurant needs no introduction. As the name suggests, it serves sumptuous Tibetan food along with great variety of Bhutanese dishes. Whether you crave for succulent steamed momos, thenthuks, thukpas, sausages, this place has it all. The place is often crowded despite having three floors and a lounge on top. If you like Tibetan food then this is one of the best cafes in Mcleodganj for you.

Location: Jogiwara Road, McLeodganj

Namgyal Café

namgyal cafe mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Namgyal Café is difficult to locate if you are traveling to Mcleodganj for the first time. But once you find it, it is worth all the effort. This restaurant used to be inside Dalai Lama’s Temple Complex but now has shifted inside Om Hotel.

Namgyal serves some of the best pizzas in Mcleodganj. The paintings on the wall and different currency notes at the billing counter give the place a unique ambiance. Try the wood-fire thin crust pizzas, sandwiches, crepes, pastas, and cakes.

You can also choose to peruse books kept at the bookshelf while you wait for your table. The bookshelf has a range of books, from pure fiction to deep spirituality.

Location: Om Hotel, Nowrojee Road, McLeodganj

Tibet Quality Bakery

tibet quality bakery mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Tibet Quality Bakery is the best bakery in Mcleodganj. The bakery offers a variety of desserts ranging from yak cheese pastries, chocolate and rum balls, beetroot nut slices, yak muffins and Tibet special nut bars. You can also choose from a variety of freshly baked breads.

Location: Jogiwara Road, McLeodganj

Seed Café

seed cafe mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Seed Café on Jogiwara Road offers the best scenic views of the town. It is surrounded by glass windows, with floor seating and tables by the side. The restaurant is tucked away from the main street, so visitors can sit here for hours, read a book, or appreciate the scenic beauty of the Dhauladhar range.

As the evening dawns, Seed café transforms into a music hub, with live music and open mic nights. The restaurant offers a great variety of food, including sandwiches, pancakes, pizzas, lasagnas, pastas, noodles, continental bakes to decadent desserts.

Location: Jogiwara Road, McLeodganj

Hummingbird Café

hummingbird restaurant mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Hummingbird Café is set in a lush garden of the Norbulingka Institute. Order a cup of cappuccino on a perfect weather day to relax and unwind. You can also have a slice of fresh homemade lemon cake. And if you are looking for something more than that, try some pizza, momos, or thukpa.

Please note: there are limited options for vegetarians.

Location: Norbulingka Institute, McLeodganj, Dharamsala

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

jimmys italian kitchen mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

No, this is not Jamie Oliver’s restaurant even though visitors can easily get confused by the name. But the quality of food and the dishes are equally good, if not better. Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen has an exquisite range of pizzas and pastas. You can also try their selection of salads, shakes, and desserts.

In particular, the gnocchi in pesto sauce is really good. Complete your meal with fresh waffles or pancakes. With Hollywood films’ posters all around, you’ll feel no less than a Hollywood actor and would surely come back for more. Do visit this place and I am sure it will also end up in your list of best cafes in Mcleodganj.

Location: Main Square, Jogiwara Road, McLeodganj

Crepe Pancake Hut

crepe pancake hut mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Crepe Pancake Hut has a relaxed lounge-like feel, with low tables, cushions on the floor and a pile of books. If you want to relax and give a treat to your belly, then come here for a chocolate pancake, scrambled eggs or some sticky ginger cake.

If you just feel like sitting and relaxing, then order a pot of mint team and immerse yourself in some good reads. This place is often visited by red-robed monks, who come here for a break and to read.

Location: Mcleodganj, Dharamsala


Illiterati cafe mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Like other cafes in Mcleodganj, Illiterati is famous for its collection of books. The place is tranquil and idyllically-positioned. It is owned by a Belgian and offers a stunning view of Dharamsala’s rolling green hills. It is one of the unique and best cafes in Mcleodganj.

Illiterati also acts like a library with neat shelves of books, both used and brand new. Visitors can borrow or buy books from the store. The place is elegantly furnished with wide windows and a piano at one corner.

The food here appeals mostly to those with European tastes and ranges from tomato soup to pizza, lasagna and fresh salads. The place is perfect for a lazy lunch with teas and coffees at the side.

Location: Lower Jogibara Rd, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala

Moonpeak Espresso

Moonpeak Espresso is a popular café in Mcleodganj, where you can simply sit back and relax while on vacation. This small hill café offers the best brewed coffee and a hearty portion of good food. It is a hit among travelers of all ages as they get to satiate their desire for picturesque views. Free Wi-Fi also makes this place very popular among tourists. There banana cakes are to die for, making it one of the best cafes in Mcleodganj.

Location: Temple Road, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala

Peace Café

peace cafe mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Peace Café is a good place to have stir-fried noodles amongst red-robed monks. As the name suggest, enjoy a hearty meal with peace and tranquility and relax while watching breathtaking views outside. Peace Café is also a famous place for a great breakfast providing masala tea, fresh juices and deliciously steamed Tibetan bread.

Location: Main Mall, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, India.

Woeser Bakery

woeser bakery mcleodganjImage Source: TripAdvisor

Woeser Bakery may not be easy to find, but it is surely worth searching out. Tucked in the basement of Black Magic restaurant, Woeser Bakery offers a great recluse away from the hustle bustle of the Jogiwara Road. The bakery is owned by  Tendill Sangmo, who named it after the owner’s daughter as she tried to make the best carrot cake in Dharamsala.

The bakery has a tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cakes and cookies and offers excellent homemade cappuccinos and chocolate brownies.

Location: Jogiwara Road, Below Black Magic Restaurant, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, India

Nick’s Italian Kitchen

Nicks Italian Kitchen mcleodganj

Nick’s Italian Kitchen combines stunning views of snow-clad mountains and amazing Italian food. It has a huge open terrace overlooking the Himalayan foothills. While you are there, have some classic Italian specialties like cannelloni, gnocchi and risotto.

Among the most popular dishes are the lasagne and aptly called ‘pizza everything’.

Location: Bhagsu Road, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, India

That’s it from me! What according to you are the best cafes in Mcleodganj? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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