12 Places To have an Intimate, Romantic Dinner in Bali

Bali is commonly known for its beautiful beaches, with crystal clear turquoise waters, cheap shopping and stunning views. When tourists talk about Bali as a romantic getaway, a genuine question that comes to the mind is where to have a romantic dinner in Bali.

There are several places where lovebirds can have an intimate romantic dinner with stunning views and mouth-watering food. This island is quite a tease with a wealth of nightlife activities and secret intimate getaways. Here’s a list of 12 best romantic dinners that Bali has to offer.

Romantic Dinner in Ubud, Bali

Have a romantic dinner with Balinese dance performance at Laka Leke Restaurant in Ubud

laka leke restaurant bali - Romantic dinner in Bali

Dinner and Dance is a great combination, and Laka Leke Restaurant in Ubud understands this well. This restaurant offers an extensive selection of local and western food options. It is a delight to see the Frog Dance and have a hearty, delicious meal. And there is no extra charge for the dance performance.

Enjoy a picnic next to the Wos River in Ubud

picnic near wos river

This outing is sure to remind you of your childhood. Sit with your partner on a private deck overlooking the Wos River. With a light breeze touching your face and a serene landscape is bound to set the mood just right.

You can choose from a range of gourmet starters including garden-fresh salads, mini sandwiches, quiche and homemade cookies. You can also choose from both Western and Indonesian Menus that includes prawns with tartar sauce, Gado Gado Bukit Cinta, Nasi Bakar Bangkiang Sidem, crispy bacon, grilled chicken, Lumpia Goreng, mixed sautéed veggies fresh juice, etc.

Bon appetite!

Have dinner by The Hanging Gardens infinity pool

dinner The Hanging Gardens infinity pool

Hanging Gardens of Bali is a 7-star luxury hotel in Ubud. The hotel not only provides elevated services and amenities but an elevated view of the lush greenery from the spectacular infinity pool. A romantic dinner is set as frangipani candle lights float around the pool.

The view from the pool is simply stunning, stretching to a local ancient temple situated on the top of a hill amidst a jungle. Enjoy a hearty meal prepared by celebrity chefs of Indonesia. It is one place that keeps tourists coming back for more!

Dinner In The Twilights Of Ubud

Dinner In The Twilights Of Ubud

The Twilights is an incredible restaurant that epitomizes ideal romantic dinners. The surrounding greenery, your table set in the middle of an infinity pool and the Ayung River Valley flowing behind you – it is one of the best romantic date you can have and imaging in

Your meal starts with the sun splashing its shades of red and gold in the sky and ends with the blanket of the beautiful night sky. In this romantic backdrop enjoy delicacies like Salmon and Sea Scallop Carpaccio. A romantic date will cost you just over $100 per person.

A romantic dinner at Bird’s Nest Thai Kitchen

romantic dinner at Birds Nest Thai Kitchen bali

Located in the heart of Bali, Bird’s Nest Thai Kitchen in Bali will make your partner feel extra special here. As the name suggests, the restaurant provides an experience of a bird’s nest, as your tables are well above the ground level.

You’ll love the surrounding tranquillity, surrounded by nature and the Ayung River Valley flows beside you.

Take the blessings and sumptuous food in In The Hidden Temples

hidden temples bali

This is one of the most unique yet romantic experiences in Bali. Expect your night to start with your tour guide taking you through a candle-lit path in the jungle where you’ll cross the Ayung River Valley to reach the hidden temple.

Once you reach the temple, a Balinese priest will give the couple blessings and perform a small ritual. After that, you’ll be ushered to a relaxing foot reflexology, while munching on appetisers and canapés.

Simultaneously, your chef will prepare a sumptuous BBQ gourmet dinner for an idyllic night ahead.

Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran, Bali

Quiet Pergola Dinner At Jimbaran Beach

Pergola Dinner At Jimbaran Beach bali

Jimbaran Beach is the place if you want to treat your partner with the love and care they deserve. A romantic pergola dinner at the beach is a serenading offer that you must try. Located amidst nature and in your very own pergola is a romantic experience that you should have during your stay in Bali.

Being at the beach ensures that you can marvel the beautiful sunset. With no interference, you and your partner can spend some alone time under the stars and wind blowing in your hair. With the ocean at your feet and bamboo torches to lit the place, who needs candle light dinners anyway?

And yes, the food is as pleasurable as the place itself. The Mediterranean menu here includes everything from appetisers, main course to dessert, and hot and cold beverages.

Romantic Pesta Lobster Dinner In Jimbaran

Romantic Pesta Lobster Dinner In Jimbaran bali

How do you fancy a private jetty for a romantic dinner? Well, in Bali it’s not a dream. This place has been voted as the most romantic dining venues in Bali, and rightly so!

As you sit with your partner alone in your cocoon, be prepared to be pampered by the breeze of Bali, the mellifluous sound of the waves and a Chef serving you amazing dishes.

A small path takes you to the wooden jetty that is 30 meters out to sea. The tables are set at the end of the pier. A bamboo xylophones soft music and a five-course lobster dinner is nothing short of a fairytale dinner.

Romantic Dinner in Canggu, Bali

Aphrodisiac picnic dinner by the Moonlit Beach

Take your romance to an entirely new level when you experience the romantic picnic dinner on a bed in a secluded garden in front of the beach in Canggu. The place is illuminated with oil lanterns combined with the dusky red skies of Canggu.

Enjoy dishes such as Aphrodisiac Truffle Parcels served with Simply-Drilled Baby Asparagus and other mouthwatering menu items.

Have a romantic barbecue dinner at the Canggu beach

Canggu beach dinner bali

The private beach barbecue in Canggu is an experience you should have with your special someone. The long sandy beach of Canggu, with rhythmic waves coming to the fore and the wild paddies is a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. Enjoy a night of barbecue on the smooth sand, lit by the moon and the bamboo torches.
You can choose from a selection of fresh ocean catches. The grilled food is served with the famous Balinese dressing sambal matah and a range of other dressings. This is the only place in Bali’s southwest coast that provides complete privacy.

Romantic Dinner in Nusa Dua, Bali

Go back in time, relish a meal in a cave

Romantic Dinner in Nusa Dua cave bali

To have a night only with your better half, dine in a cave on a private beach. The cave is hidden on a private island and is suitable for a candlelight dinner for two. The ocean is just a stone’s throw away, so the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline is a perfect background music for your romantic night.

Relish dishes based on romantic themes like The Power of Love and Truly, Madly, Deeply. It’s a magical experience that you should have with your special someone.


For a romantic fine dining experience in Nusa Dua head to Kayuputi. This amazing restaurant serves well-cooked food and offers a mesmerizing view. The food and drink menu is exciting with a range of dishes and wine. The fantastic food coupled with views of the beach at the St Regis Nusa Dua, will leave you with priceless memories. The service is simply impeccable service. This restaurant is slightly expensive than an average Bali restaurant, but the food, setting and service makes all the things worth it.

Address: Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot S6, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Telephone: +62-3618478111

So, these were our top 11 places to have a romantic dinner in Bali. If you think we’ve missed out on any, please let us know in the comments section below!

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