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Rishikesh is well known as the adventure capital of India and is famous for bungee jumping (also: Bungy Jumping). Before we discuss about bungee jumping in Rishikesh, let’s understand what exactly is bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping Overview

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Bungee jumping is an extreme adventure sport that involves jumping from a height while being tied to a long elastic cord. The jumpers take a plunge usually from a man-made structure. This structure is usually fixed object like a bridge, building or even a crane.

In some countries, people jump from movable objects, such as a hot-air-balloon or aircraft that can hover above the ground. Bungee jumping is an extreme sport where free-falling and rebound are the most thrilling parts. As soon as the person jump and near the ground, the elastic cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again. The jumper keeps oscillating up and down until the entire energy is dissipated.

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

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Rishikesh is one of the few places in India and the only place in North India that brings the most extreme sports of New Zealand to India. It offers India’s highest bungee at a staggering 83 meters. The place is also well known for other extreme sports like the Giant Swing and Flying Fox, which by the way is the Asia’s longest one at a length of 1 kilometer and a speed of 140-160 km/h).

Mohanchatti village in Rishikesh is THE destination for bungee jumpers. Located just 52 kilometers from Rishikesh, this pristine village is nestled in Shivalik range of the Himalayas. The jump involves a cantilever platform that is constructed over an iron cliff. It overlooks the rocky river HYUL, a tributary of River Ganga. New Zealander David Allardice is the designer of the Bungee.

Visitors can select a time slot between 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM and 02:30 PM. If you want to relax before the plunge, opt for an A/C luxury coach and travel to Mohanchatti village. Upon arrival, a team of instructors will meet you. They explain you the gear, give you safety tips and jumping techniques. You can also get a memorabilia kit, which includes photographs, DVD, and a swanky t-shirt printed with your jump’s pictures. The kit comes at an additional cost.

Once you’ve understood everything, you’ll be asked to walk on the cantilever platform. This is the point where you’ll take the leap of faith and feel the adrenaline rush. Make sure you jump properly to avoid injuries. Once the jump is over and the chord has come to a halt, you’ll be lowered to a drop zone in the river, which is just 2 feet of water.

Once you’ve completed the jump, simply walk to the cafeteria, treat yourself, narrate your experience and head back to Rishikesh. And don’t forget to collect your Dare to Jump certificate. If you’ve still crave for more adventure, go for other activities such as the Giant Swing or Flying Fox. Below are the prices for these activities.

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Best Time to Do Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh

There is no fixed time to do bungee jumping, with the routes to Rishikesh open throughout the year. However, the best time to do bungee jumping is in the summer season to enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping. Please note that many of the bungee jumping places are closed during monsoon season.

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

Bungee Jumping Zone is handled by highly skilled team and technically qualified extreme adventure sports experts. The jump platforms are designed by a team from New Zealand and the jump is operated by Qualified Jump Masters, who have decades of experience of operating these sports in New Zealand. The entire activity is overseen by ex-Army officers who maintain discipline of all safety procedures. Moreover, the equipment used are of top quality, including the bungee jumping cords and harness. In case of emergencies, there is a team of members who are qualified in First Aid and certified by Red Cross.

Bungee Jumping Activities Price List (as of October 2017):

Entry Ticket INR 100 / person
Bungee Jumping INR 3550 / person
Giant Swing INR 3550 / person
Flying Fox (If doing alone) INR 3000 / person
Flying Fox (3 persons in tandem) INR 1800 / person
Combo 1: Bungy + Fox INR 4750 / person
Combo 2: Swing + Fox INR 4750 / person
Combo 3: Bungy + Swing INR 6500 / person
All 3 Jumps (Bungy + Swing + Fox) INR 8250 / person

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh – Useful Tips

  • Depending upon the height and the difficulty level of the jump, different operators have different requirements. In Rishikesh, the operators usually require a minimum age of 12 to 14 years. However, there is no maximum age limit, as long as you are fit and healthy.
  • Make sure you listen to all the information given carefully. If you are not clear about something, ask again. It is advised you to jump properly to avoid any after effects.
  • The minimum weight required is 35 kilos while the maximum is 110kgs.
  • It is advised that you do not jump in case you suffer from a heart condition, osteoporosis, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a neurological disorder, or are pregnant.
  • Do not litter or pollute the place and leave your environment as it is.
  • If you find any non-biodegradable waste around, please clean it up or carry it back with you.
  • Do not deface the rock to boast about your daredevilry.
  • Cameras are not allowed on, or around, the jump zone for safety reasons. If you’d like to take make a video of the jump, then you can purchase is separately.

Hope you found this information about bungee jumping in Rishikesh useful. Please feel free to share your bungee jumping experiences with the Neo Travellers’ community.

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