How to Enjoy San Francisco’s Nightlife

As a party-goer, experiencing the nightlife in San Francisco could be one of the best things you could do. However, if you just feel like enjoying the nightlife as a tourist or even a local citizen of the city, we listed the things you could do and places you could go to enjoy San Francisco’s Nightlife.

Things To Do To Enjoy San Francisco’s Nightlife

Watch Movies at The Clay Theatre

San Francisco Nightlife

Whether you suddenly feel the urge to watch a movie at midnight and Netflix would not satisfy your eye cravings, Clay Theatre is the place to go. Grab some popcorns nearby and enjoy the midnight movies (starting at 11:55 p.m) in this theatre. They offer classic movies and rumor has it that sometimes, they play XXX movies, too. Oops, might as well prepare your eyes with what you could see.

Take an Evening Trip with Vantigo

Evening Trip Vantigo San Francisco
If you want to go on a trip at night in San Francisco, riding on a Volkswagen is the perfect and classy tour for you. Instead of roaming around the streets of San Francisco with your own feet which can be very tiring, you can enjoy the tour for two hours with a Vantigo. Appreciating the city lights and the sparkling city at night in a relaxing way could be very rewarding if you had a tiring day. You can also order a beer or wine along the tour but charges will apply. It is one of the best things to do to enjoy San Francisco’s Nightlife.

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Under Your Eyes and the Bay Lights

Bay Bridge San Francisco
Bay Bridge transforms into a sparkling LED light sculpture at night. If you want to go on a date without spending a lot, you can bring your partner in this place to watch how the lights in the bridge dance along the moving cars. You can also take a picture of the bridge or just simply watch if from afar.

Get Drunk at Union Square

Union Square San Francisco
Whether it’s Thank-God-It’s-Friday or you just want to go wasted, Union Square could be your best friend. Union Square is best known for their cocktails made by the “expert bartenders”. The full list of cocktail menu can go from $3.00 up to $50.00. This is best savored with friends. However, if you just want to do it all alone, no pressure! Enjoy the rest of your night sipping your favorite cocktail mix while people watching.

Museum Events at Night

Museum Events San Francisco
Who says that museums are only enjoyed by “freaks and geeks’? The California Academy of Sciences is the most visited museum in San Francisco. Every Thursday night, starting at 6p.m, different educational show for all ages are hosted. You can enjoy the Planetarium show up until the four story rainforest.

Be an Elite at Bourbon and Branch

Bourbon and Branch San Francisco
This bar is the most elite place in San Francisco, California. However, if you have booked a reservation and a password, then you’re good to go. This is like the classic way of sneaking out alcoholic drinks when wines and beers were outlawed before. You can drink whatever you want, wherever you want in the bar. This also has a jazzy vibes. Moreover, this bar offers a teaching session for mixing alcoholic beverages.

Witness Underground Art at Tourettes Without Regrets

Underground Art at Tourettes San Francisco
This underground fight club is in for those who are adventure seekers. The place offers fight clubs, rap battles, dirty haikus, burlesque, wild aerialists, and many more. If you want to see a breathtaking show, drop by at this place. Every first Thursday of the month, Tourettes Without Regrets operates and they cater different shows for their frequent customers, travelers, and first-timers.

Get Wild at Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy Storytelling San Francisco
If you want a close to fifty shades of Grey experience with your partner without doing the stunts and rated SPG stuff, try going to Bawdy Storytelling. This is a monthly storytelling event at night where you can hear funny sex stories and even the uncanny fetishes. They usually follow a theme. Local citizens often share their wild stories, and sometimes you might encounter local celebrities sharing their true sexual exploits on stage. For $20.00 you get to enjoy a unique dating experience or a night out with friends.

Dine in at AsiaSF

AsiaSF San Francisco
This restaurant offers Asian-American cuisine to the customers. This is also a lounge and a dance club in SoMa which has an array of everything. They offer scrumptious food choices and delectable desserts. If you want to witness an amazing dance performance, there is an hourly dance atop a runway bar. Also, they have a dance club downstairs which can be gone to once you are done eating your favorite Asian-American dish.

Laugh your Heart out at Endgames Improv

Endgames Improv San Francisco
Located at Mission Street, San Francisco, Endgames Improv caters comedy shows six nights a week at Stage Werx Theatre. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so might as well consider going to this comedy house to witness funny schemes and world class entertainment.

San Francisco, California can also be enjoyed anytime of the day or night. As a tourist, it is highly recommended that you have a day and night itineraries so that you can get the most out of your trip in the city you are in. There are a whole lot more to do in San Francisco and this blog serves as one of your guides in having the time of your life in California.

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