An Exhaustive Guide To Romantic Things To Do in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for lovebirds and newlyweds around the world. It is a tropical paradise and is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. There are many romantic things to do in Bali: from the mystic mountain slopes to stunning beaches and innate spirituality; the place is a picture-perfect honeymoon destination. Before we jump straight to romantic things to do in Bali, let’s first soak in the diversity, culture and beauty of this place.

Bali: A Small Introduction

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Bali is an island of Indonesia, located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is surrounded by several neighbouring islands, including Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is located in the southern part of the island.

Language: Indonesian, Balinese, Balinese Malay

Currency: The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Climate: Bali’s average year-round temperature is around 30 °C (86 °F) with a humidity level of about 85%.

Airport: Bali has only one airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, located in the capital city Denpasar. It is also commonly known as Bali airport and Denpasar International Airport.

Romantic Things To Do In Bali

Guests coming to Bali can choose from a myriad of options that this heavenly destination offers. Whether it is hanging out at beaches, private dinners, adventure sports or luxurious spas, Bali has it all. Bali is part of the Coral Triangle that houses over 500 reef-building coral species. It is also the home of the Subak Irrigation System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Before you start pulling your hair from all the research to surprise your love, we’ve covered all the romantic things you can do in subcategories. Whether you want to take cooking classes, a trip on the cruise, a private photo shoot, we’ve got everything covered.

Stunning Beaches

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Being an island, Bali is famous for its beaches, with mind-blowing views and crystal-clear water. Take a romantic stroll with your love during sunset or indulge in few activities on the beach to strengthen the eternal bond of love. Enjoy a private dinner or tickle the adventurer in you with activities like diving and snorkelling. Read more about the best beaches in Bali.

Unique Activities

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If you want to do something unique yet romantic, then take cooking classes with your partner. There is nothing better than having a great Balinese food, that too cooked by your partner! You can also enjoy a quiet photo shoot and capture the romance. There are several other unique romantic activities that you can do in Bali. Read more about 21 fun things to do in Bali

Natural spas

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Bali offers several outstanding natural and other therapeutic spas. Enjoy a relaxing day at a hotel spa or walk into the wilderness of the island to enjoy hot water springs in Bali. There are many natural hot and cold springs across Bali. Some of them serve as holy water to important Balinese temples, while the hot springs such as those of Toyabungkah is a rewarding experience for all five senses and body alike.

Breath-taking Scenery

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A romantic trip to Bali cannot be complete without immersing into the breathtaking scenery of the place. The site offers mind-blowing, panoramic views of the rainforest, beaches and sunset. Enjoy a romantic time with your loved one and get mesmerised by the picturesque background of the place.

Secret Getaways

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If you are a bit of peace seeker, then get away from the mainstream beaches like the Kuta and head out to several hidden treasures of Bali such as Gunung Payung and the Amed beach. The silence and serenity of the place can help you and your partner reach the Zen state in no time!

Intimate Dinners

intimate dinner bali romantic things to do

As the adage goes, the way to a man’s heart (or woman’s heart) is through the belly. And what better than fine, intimate dining in a private, secluded place? Whether you are on your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, a private dinner in the hidden gems of Bali is sure to leave you wanting for more romance…and of course food! 😊 Check out 11 Places To Have a Romantic Dinner in Bali

Adventurous romance

adventure sports romantic things to do bali

If you both are outgoing and adventure seeker, then Bali can offer you several options. Choose from water activities like Snorkelling, surfing or scuba diving or go trekking, camping, the choice is entirely yours.

Hike up to love

If you and your partner are the ones who enjoy adventure, then climbing mountains in Bali is the thing to do. Trekking in Bali can give you some of the most stunning views of this pretty island and can fill you life with adventure and love. If you’d like to get out of your comfort zone and spend quality time with your partner without WiFi and mobile network then hike up the love in your life and let the love between the two of you grow. Mende Hill is one of the lesser known hiking spot, so make sure it is on your to-do list.

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I would love to hear from you about your romantic experience in Bali. Let me know what according to you are the most romantic things to do in Bali. Post your experience in the comments section below. Better still, share your Bali story by submitting it on our website.

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