Hunt the Haunted: 14 Most Haunted Places in Pune

Stories of ghosts and spirits have intrigued humans since ages. From popular films like Paranormal Activities and Conjuring to black magic – humans have always tried to understand occult science. More importantly, India is more than often associated with dark, spooky, mysterious, mythical or the supernatural and has some of the most haunted places around the world.

If you’re in Pune and are the kind who loves to explore haunted places or hear thrilling ghost stories, then this blog is for you. Here’s the list of 14 most haunted places in Pune.

Haunted Places in Pune: #1. The Shaniwarwada Fort

The Shaniwarwada has a mysterious atmosphere, but magnificent architecture. The fort is believed to have witnessed several paranormal activities. Legends say that this fort is haunted by the spirit of a dead young prince who was brutally murdered here.

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It is believed that you can clearly hear the final words of the prince (“Kaka Mala Vachva” or uncle save me) on full moon nights. However, screams and cries are a regular affair. The fort is also believed to be infested by spirits of the people who lost their lives in the fire that destroyed the fort. Entry is restricted after 6:30 p.m, and we wonder why?

Haunted Places in Pune: #2. Holkar Bridge

The Holkar Bridge is said to be haunted and can be very spooky at night. There have been several mysterious deaths that have left the locals scared. If you want to taste fear, then this one is for you. If you’re (un)lucky, you may just sight ghosts in the area but go there only after dark.

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Haunted Places in Pune: #3. The Victory Theater

The Victory Theatre has had its fair share of ghost stories in the past. While it may not sound like a place for haunting, but people have experienced unexplained noises repeatedly from this age-old theatre.

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The building is said to be possessed, and when the theatre is empty after hours, locals believe that you can hear screams, giggles and banging chairs. The eeriness of the theatre makes it one of the most popular haunted places in Pune.

Haunted Places in Pune: #4. Chandan Nagar

Chandan Nagar is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a little girl who appears every night after midnight. The girl is said to be wearing a white frock and holding a doll. She comes screaming at people whenever she makes an apparition.

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The story goes that this little girl died on a construction site several years ago, but her spirit still lived on. Does that sound scary enough?

Haunted Places in Pune: #5. Choice Hostel, Karve Road

Hostel experience will never be the same again if you read or hear stories about Choice Hostel on Karve Road. This boys’ hostel is believed to have witnessed some paranormal activities, including spotting a young lady in red sari walking down the corridors at midnight.

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Hearing anklet noises and sobbing at unearthly hours will surely give you sleepless nights and send shivers down your spine! Just imagine how the boys at this hostel sleep at night!

Haunted Places in Pune: #6. The Haunted House, M.G Road

The Haunted House on M.G. Road is not the type of haunted houses found at the entertainment arcade of a shopping mall in India. This old abandoned haunted house in Pune has not been lived for a very long time. The story has it that a young girl was killed here and her shrieks can be heard at night.

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Interested in finding her? Be careful of the furniture though; it may just be hurled at you!

Haunted Places in Pune: #7. The Mansion, Residency Road

The sight of an old abandoned mansion near the Residency Club has something eerie about it. This mansion is believed to be home to the spirit of an evil old lady. At night, crazy laughter and screams have been reported by passerby and locals alike.

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Haunted Places in Pune: #8. Sinhagad Fort

The Sinhagad fort has a lot of spooky stories about it. Locals claim that they have heard war cries from inside the fort after dark. The place is said to be possessed by the spirits of soldiers who died in several wars fought at this place.

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One can also hear cries of small children who died when their bus crashed down from the hill near the fort. Spooky activities have also been reported from the site of the accident. Read more about Sinhagad Fort

Haunted Places in Pune: #9. Khadki War Cemetery

The Khadki or Kirkee War Cemetery is believed to be haunted by the soldiers buried here. Locals here claim that they’ve witnessed supernatural disturbances after dark. It is advised not to venture out in this area after dark. Would you like to try your luck?

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Haunted Places in Pune: #10. Sinhgad College of Engineering

This is no college prank! Sinhgad College of Engineering is reportedly one of the most haunted campuses in India. This beautiful college campus is located near Lonavala, Pune. Legends have it that an old student committed suicide after failing his exams. His spirit haunts the campus ever since, especially at the spot where he died.

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Students of the college avoid going out alone in the night and have claimed to witness paranormal sightings.

Haunted Places in Pune: #11. Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

The Symbiosis Road in Viman Nagar has been subject to quite a lot of creepy stories. This main road near the Symbiosis College Campus has tons of urban legends associated with it, including dogs barking at empty spaces and people passing out while walking alone at night.

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Haunted Places in Pune: #12. Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School, Kondhwa

Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School has had its share of ghost stories. Following the report of a spirit coming out of the blackboard, pandemonium reigned for the longest time. The ghost was spotted by a small school girl. Classes were suspended for a couple of days, but since then no creepy incidents have been reported thus far. Although, we wonder for how long?

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Haunted Places in Pune: #13. Gangapuram Society, Viman Nagar

The Gangapuram Society in Viman Nagar is a flourishing residential society in Viman Nagar, Pune. However, many residents claim that the place is haunted by a middle-aged man who disappears if you approach him or try to talk to him.

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Even though the man does not seem to harm anyone or do any evil, the residents live in fear due to his mysterious presence.

Haunted Places in Pune: #14: Pune Camp

Pune Camp, also known as Pune Cantonment, is known as a military base with tons of shopping complexes and the Indian army headquarters. But there is more to it! Pune camp has an old, run-down building right across the famous recreation club.

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The old building has something eerie about it and can fill someone with fright and disappointment. Once you enter the building, you can feel the change in the atmosphere as it becomes dense and gloomy.

Please note: The article is written after studying various sources online and offline. We in no way want to create rumours or defame any place or person.

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