9 Most Popular Rhode Island Beaches

Rhode Island is a state in New England with a variety of beaches, shopping malls, exquisite cuisines, and a whole lot more. Ocean State is a place to go to if you are planning on a vacation surrounded with beautiful beaches and state of the art facilities. We have listed down the 9 Most Popular Rhode Island beaches that you might want to consider once you visit the place.

Neo Travellers’ List of Most Popular Rhode Island Beaches

Sachuest Beach

Sachuest Beach - Rhode Island beachesImage Source: TripAdvisor

Situated near Newport in Middletown, Rhode Island, Sachuest Beach is also known as Second Beach by the locals. This beach is perfect for those tourists who would want to see how the sun sets in Rhode Islands. The beach offers a scenic view of the state and it is angled which is suitable for sunset viewing. You can take a seaside walk along the beach if you are not into swimming or water activities. You can also have a romantic date setup in the area which is best enjoyed at night.

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Watch Hill Beach

hill beach rhode islandImage Source: TripAdvisor

Located at the foot of Bay Street in the Village of Watch Hill, this beach is best known for its gentle waves, brown sand, and the oldest surviving carousel. Watch Hill Beach is perfect for family trips, especially for those who are with their kids. Aside from surfing, swimming, diving, and other activities, the highlight of the beach is the carousel which is intended for the young tourists. However, kids who weigh less than a hundred pounds and under 5 feet tall are those who can only ride the carousel.

Also, it might be a dream for you, but who knows? Along your trip on this beach, you might bump into the state’s most famous resident, which is none other than Taylor Swift.

Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly

Misquamicut State Beach rhode islandImage Source: TripAdvisor

This beach is also known for the young and restless! If you are planning to go cray-cray during your vacation with family or friends, you might want to consider this beach as a place to go. This sand beach is a 7-mile long stretch of fun and jampacked adventures. People visit the place for surfing lessons, extreme watersport activities, dining outs, fun rides like merry-go-rounds, carousels, bumper boats, and batting cages.

Nightlife is also savored in this beach, so if you want to grab your Jack Daniel and party until the sun rises, feel free to do so for you are not alone in this beach!

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Easton’s Beach

Easton’s Beach rhode island
If there is Second Beach, of course there is the First Beach. Easton’s known as First Beach by the local citizens, are best enjoyed by families. This is the beach in Newport which is ideal for family gathering during the day or even nighttime. It is better if you will pack your lunch or your snacks because the number of people who go to this beach is quite huge.

They offer rentals of boats, chairs, surfing boards, and many more. Another good thing to do enjoy in this beach is the Save the Bay Exploration Center. So go ahead and plan your Rhode Island trip and make sure to not miss this beach if you are with your family.

Narraganset Town Beach

Narraganset Town Beach rhode islandImage Source: TripAdvisor

Known for their champion squad in lifeguard races, Narraganset Town Beach is the place to go during summer months. This beach is located near the historic, The Towers, which serves as the only remnant of the Narraganset Casino. During summer, people visit the beach to enjoy their luxurious outdoor bars and restaurants. The beach is also famous for those tourist who like surfboarding and wakeboarding.

Oakland Beach

Oakland Beach rhode island
If you are on a trip in Providence, you can make it to this beach in less than an hour. Oakland Beach offers tranquility which is recommended for those who would like to relax and find inner peace. You can visit the place for swimming, walking on the shoreline with your loved ones or you can even do it alone, fishing, or just simply letting the small waves damp your feet.

The beach has a playground, surfing site, and a view for sunset. If you were not able to prep up some food with you, Oakland Beach has nearby restaurants and snack bars within walking distance.

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Napatree Point

Napatree Point rhode islandImage Source: TripAdvisor

This beach is perfect for photographers. Napatree Point beach is a 1 1/2 mile beach peninsula which gives the tourist two great views in one place, Narraganset Bay on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. This is a public beach so expect a lot of tourists in the area.

Also, this place covers a wildlife area so if you want to take a look at the animals around there, you must bring a binoculars with you along with your camera.

East Matunuck Beach

East Matunuck Beach Rhode IslandImage Source: TripAdvisor

Located in South Kingstown, East Mutunuck Beach is best known for their oysters. The beach is known for low waves, seashells and on-site showers. This is often not a crowded place because it only has a limited parking.

Meaning, if you want a little privacy, you might consider going to this beach to have some fun with you friends, families, and loved ones.

Warren Town Beach

Warren Town Beach rhode island
This beach is situated at the southern end of Water Street. Warren Town Beach offers free admission and is safe for kids. This is a small beach that has picnic sites, small piers and playground. If you plan to bring your kids on a less crowded beach, Warren Town is the place to go.

Rhode Island is known as the smallest state in the country. However, this state offers different beaches which will definitely meet your needs, whether you are a camper, tourist or an avid fan of surfing. The Top 9 Beaches in Rhode Island that we listed are those that have garnered massive popularity and good feedback by tourists and goers.

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