Road Trip to Kasol

Story By: Carol Mathur The place has the most relaxing environment and vibes. So, this is the story where nobody plans to go, they just go. Alike us.

We had four days and a four-wheeler. Destination thoughts- Himachal. Himachal has numerous places like Manali, Shimla, McLeod Ganj. All these are very commercialised places. Our travelling diary has just begun, and we wanted to explore something we will remember for life. The journey starts at 6 in the morning from Delhi. We were prepared with the playlist and the MAP. We drove for non-stop 4:30 hours crossing Delhi border and reaching Punjab. Entering Punjab makes you feel a little different. Not your hometown but it still has a feel of it.

We took a break and had lunch on the highway dhaba.

We drove again for 4 hours and realised it’s already evening. We thought to take a stop in Sundernagar; we were looking for hotels now, all we got was dark nauseous lodges. Haha, it happens when you don’t plan. We finally got the “Pure vegetarian” hotel. Basilio Grand hotel and restaurant. Very beautiful riverside view and extremely decent place to stay for a night.

We had the Himachali dinner, and to soothe our taste buds we went to gulp an ice cream and walked for an hour to get the feel what it is to be at the coolest place in summers.

Next day we were all excited and drove to Kasol. As soon we reached the place the sooner we got out of there. No kidding seriously, we were looking for a resort and drove for 2 km, and Kasol ended. We realised that this is the smallest town we saw till date. We parked the car and started waking and finding a place to check in. We finally reached an amazing place where everyone would wish to stay. A clear view of the river and Manali.

Resort Riverside was its name. Believe me guys this is the best place to stay if you are heading to Kasol. We checked in and found each guy or gal smoking pot. You don’t get to see this a lot in Delhi.

We freshened up and ordered breakfast. I felt overwhelmed at this moment. Nicest service and view together. We thought to rest for a while and then got ready for trekking.

Trek to Chalal – the major barrier is to cross a deadly foot over bridge. It was a life-threatening experience of my life. I was so petrified that I didn’t want to go any further then came to my rescue people carrying luggage at their back and crossing the pull like a pro. I got a little inspired and Walked across the pull and reached to the other side of Kasol.

The sleek off-road and the view got me going. Of course capturing the beauty was a priority. We enjoyed the peace and silence all through the journey. We reached the most famous Freedom cafe we always heard of. A group of 5 gals and boys were already present there. We sat there for a while had a little something for munching. Captured the beautiful Manali and the greenery. The view got doubly serene with the rain pouring heavily. As soon as the rain stopped, we stood up and walked our way back to the resort. It was almost night, and we could not see anybody in our route. Luckily, we reached and had the most amazing riverside dinner. It was cold like we never thought of. Days were hot, and the night was super cold.

Next day as it seems we thought of going to Manikaran. So, we went 10km ahead of Kasol. We saw Prettiest gurudwara and shiv mandir there.

Out of curiosity, we thought to drive a little farther. Drove almost 20 km ahead of Manikaran we found a secluded stop. You can’t imagine how serene it looked. Posting photos and video so that you can get a feel how amazing it was. Dinner’s best place is Evergreen Café. It is no India but a little Israel. Major population is of Israeli’s hippies.

Well, this is how we planned; but if you have more time, you must visit Kheerganga and Malana. These are two more trekking spots and are super amazing.

One must visit Kasol. I loved it.

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